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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an intervention that is provided with the simultaneous purpose of enhancing the professional functioning of the supervisees, monitoring the quality of professional services offered to the clients they see, and supporting the development of clinical skills.

My Supervision Philosophy

For a therapist in training, supervision is designed to help improve understanding about what your clients are experiencing, how to choose and implement interventions, and how to handle the wide array of inner experiences that early therapists encounter. I also work with established therapists, post-degree, who are seeking to hone clinical case conceptualization skills and  understanding of what you are bringing to your work. Supervision provides ways to learn more about clients, but perhaps more importantly, a safe place to explore what you are bringing to your clients, and how to help you become more effective. Supervision is one way to identify what old patterns of belief, emotion and responses are being brought forward into your work, and how you can begin to identify these patterns, set them aside, and enter the real-life clinical encounter more fully. When therapists can achieve this level of self-awareness, they find that they are providing very high levels of care to their clients, and their therapy work is quite powerful and effective. 

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