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My Services

Individual Therapy

I'm a Licensed as a Creative Arts Therapist (NY),  Mental Health Counselor (NY), and Professional Counselor (PA). I have a small individual psychotherapy practice for clients residing in the state of Pennsylvania or  New York.  Individual sessions occur via Telehealth at this time.  To learn more about my therapeutic philosophies and approach click here and submit an inquiry  explore if I might be a good fit to support you on your journey.

Workshops and Presentations

As a recognized scholar and national and international presenter in mind-body approaches to psychotherapy,  I offer speaking engagements for training opportunities in both small and large venues.  I specialize in:

  • dance/movement therapy with

    • attachment disorders

    • autism spectrum disorders​

    • trauma

  • clinical supervision

  • mind-body integration

  • embodied understanding of neurobiology

Clinical Supervision

For mental health professionals,  clinical supervision provides ways to learn more about clients, but perhaps more importantly, a safe place to explore what the therapist is bringing to his or her clients, and how to help the therapist become more effective. Supervision is one way to identify what old patterns of belief, emotion and response are being brought forward into the therapist's work, and how the therapist can begin to identify these patterns, set them aside, and enter the real-life clinical encounter more fully. 


After meeting Christina at one of her international presentations, I knew I wanted to work more directly with her and sought out supervision.  I never regretted that initial consultation to explore our mutual fit and knew immediately my clinical skills would transform with her support. She's quite possibly the most intuitive, present, and gifted supervisor I've ever worked with.  Her support has been an invaluable resource to me as a clinician and as a person.  I'm truly grateful for all she has done to support my growth.

Current Supervisee, Dance/Movement Therapy

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